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Good Friday Eggs. Vinyl EP

a collection of music songs that aim to haunt, bless, hex, and triumph in Central Pennsylvania worship. step down into the darkness. excavate the light. tear all the briars out of the path that blocks the feet. side A consists of the full Good Friday EggsEP and side B has the same 4 songs tracked in various locations in-and-around York, Pennsylvania. side B is exclusively available on vinyl. 

side A:
i. Susquehanna.

ii. The Hierophant

iii. Fancy Dutch

iv. Cured By A Pow-Wow

side B:
v. Susquehanna. (recorded in the cupola of Holy Hound)

vi. The Hierophant (recorded in The Grotto)

vii. Fancy Dutch (recorded in The Grotto)

viii. Cured By A Pow-Wow (recorded at Rehmeyer's Hollow)

good friday eggs.jpg

Good Friday Eggs. Digital EP

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