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om holz hocKa.

I walk through a green forest;

there I find three wells;

            The first is called courage.

            The second is called good.

            And the third is called, stop the blood.

hey there neighbor - 

the music below is a collection of unreleased songs that showed up prior to + help contextualize our most recent effort Good Friday Eggs. it is music for chopping wood. it is music for healing. it is music that guided the feet towards discovery. music that continues to clear the brush, even when the heel is broken.  not sure where, or even when is the best time to listen to it...maybe before the needle drops on your clear vinyl? perhaps after? who knows. all I know is that it is around, + happy to be so at that.

just as we are, thankful to be 'round town.                                                              hope you dig...god knows what you might find.


new merch at our show on December 7th     at    Double Barrel Roadhouse   -   Red Lion, Pennsylvania

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